Race Report – Beautiful Coles Bay “just finish this lap”

Coles Bay Half distance Triathlon;

Race time rolled around again and it was time to pack the bike up for destination Coles Bay half distance Tasmania.

OK, Im ready..

OK, Im ready..

For people not quite familiar with Tazzy it’s a beautiful place and once you board your form of travel and start heading around the coast towards Coles Bay and the Freychinet region you soon realise that the little island is a post card and absolutely beautiful part of the world.

Coles Bay was our Team Latitude’s second outing and one that was full of laugh’s and plenty of travel time to bond in the the van as we drove up the coast.

Coles bay is a beautiful Bay just 200km from hobart and it’s surroundings of land scape and beautiful crystal blew water show cases the ultimate scenic and unknown race with a massive opportunity to blossom as a race to put on your bucket list.

Unfortunately with a case of a solid chest infection I had been carrying for a while leading into the race I was restricted on power and heart rate threw the race as I would end up in a coughing attack and constant passing of bodily fluid made for a challenging  day i exited the water with zero energy and told myself just finish one lap of the bike and it will be ok, I hit the bike and was thinking the whole time it’s ok just do one lap and then pull it, I was riding in 7th at 45km and thought maybe I will just do the last lap, and so I did all along thinking it’s ok will not run just enjoy the ride and as the day unfolded this “just finish this lap” was the order of the day

"Yes mum, I am looking after myself!"

“Yes mum, I am looking after myself!”

As I put on my On racing flats –  the run being 21km made up of 5km concrete 16km of sand and 4 lap run course was again “just finish the lap” and I can stop – this repeated threw my head 3 laps and I found my self running along side team latitude team mate Dan Robins for a few km’s and I remember saying this place is beautiful.

To sum up my debut experience I would happily and honestly say the Coles Bay Half outweighs most races I have ever done whether in Australia, America, New Zealand, it is often the bigger races that people rave on about but until you get back to grass roots triathlon and community filled racing you surely do realise that there is more to triathlon than glitz,glamour and a red carpet.

Coles Bay 10 out of 10.

A few of the Team

A few of the Team

Big thanks to Guy Besley and the team at Team Latitude for a great weekend and can’t wait for the next adventure - Coles Bay Team Latitude athletes Dan robins, Michael murphy, Hadley and Matty White; all great lad’s giving back to triathlon well done guys.

Finally a quick shout out to the guys at Bikeride in Hobart for a last minute repair. It looked as though my race was over before starting, we shot into Bikeride and the team there couldnt do enough to help us on the spot! Thanks guys, much appreciated! So if your in Tassie and need a bike shop you cant go past these guys…

Stay safe

adam (adsy gordon)

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