adam gordon triathlete

Name: Adam Gordon

Age: 30adam gordon

Distance: racing long course

Coach: Marcus at Tri Edge

Goals: I aspire to apply myself and increase my ability in triathlon by focusing on being the best professional Triathlete I can be, both in and out of competition. I aim to conduct myself in a professional manner that not only sees me succeed but also motivates and encourages others. I aim to show that Triathlon is by far the best sport in the world and that it is a sport open to anybody who aims for self development

A word with Addsy….

How did you first get into triathlon? I started in a team doing the cycle leg in a local gatorade race, I road a female road bike with sand shoes on. We went on to win the race and I posted one of the quickest bike splits.

Do you work or study? I currently work as Head of Personal Training at Globe Health Club. I aspire to being one of the most professional and inspiring trainers to everyone I meet. I truly believe that for every thought there is a reaction.  I aim to help everyone I work with develop positive thoughts and in some way bring happiness and success and a change in life outlook.

Who is your inspiration? Growing up it was always my mother and her ability to do everything for the family. She was always so supportive and I am grateful for this.

Do you have a hidden talent other than triathlon? Give me a flash piece of lino and I’m happy to show off my brake dancing ability!

Your favourite…

  • Food: Italian Food
  • Candy: Everything made out of chocolate
  • Sport (Besides your own): Golf
  • Holiday: Christmas: its off season, a lot of yummy food and you get some gifts
  • Movie: The Notebook
  • Animal: Tim berkels Pug

Any last words? The times when it hurts the most, and when there is no-one around in training, is the time when you will learn the most about yourself and your willingness to succeed. How you go about your growth as an athlete is influenced by your thought process: Stay positive and make your own luck.


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